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Our Company

Offside Technologies evolved from the necessity to have efficient Field Device Testing. We at Offside Technologies are proud to offer state of the art equipment with solid experience and expert workmanship. We work with our customers, so you can complete your Inspections on time and under budget. Ensuring all your Fire Alarm Devices are efficiently tested to Code every time. We know that our Electronic Verifying Switch will allow Service Companies, to be more profitable once they install and utilize the EVS for testing. No need to skip formerly inaccessible devices or problematic devices. Complete a 100% of your inspection every time. Inaccessible devices or hard to access devices will no longer slow your Technicians down, costing you valuable time and money.

Stephen Ainsworth


Our History. Started back in 2009 when one of the co-founders Stephen Ainsworth decided that there has to be a better way to testing Fire Alarm End-of-Line Devices. Then over the years various concepts and sketches of the idea were written down until the current version 8 was finally created. Once we knew we had a product that would be a winner we went to work and yes there were many bumps and obstacles in the road, but we worked through each of them so we could bring to all, our Electronic Verifying Switch or as we like to call it our EVS.

Established in 2018, Offside Technologies was founded by Stephen & Mark Ainsworth to be the first Fire Alarm Electronic Verifying Device.

Mark Ainsworth

A certified C.F.A.A. member working in the Fire Alarm industry since 1996. I’ve worked for a number of different companies over the years, working on both Conventional and Addressable Systems. Programming, trouble shooting, installing and verifying Fire Alarm Systems.

Over two decades of experience has gone into Offside Technologies Corp and our Electronic Verifying Switch.

  • Fire Saftey
  • checking fire alarms
  • Ease of installation

Stephen Ainsworth

Those who are not willing to embrace change soon find themselves obsolete.

I came into the fire industry by accident in 1996. I excelled in all areas of the Fire Protection Industry as I finally found something that really interested me. Then in 1999 certification became mandatory for which I  received honors. I’m always looking for new and better ways to improve the Fire Alarm Industry and the EVS is just the latest.

  • Fire Saftey
  • checking fire alarms
  • Ease of installation

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