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Our Electronic Verifying Switch is designed to be permanently installed and utilized for the life of the Fire Alarm system. Saving time year after year, rather than the traditional slow testing methods.

E.V.S. A True Time Saving Device

End of Lines 96% less time to test
Fix Temp Heats 99% less time to test
Isolators 80% less time to test
In-Suite Isolators 80% less time to test
 Annunciator Supervision 95% less time to test

Our Ancillary Device is Compatible With ALL Fire Alarm Systems

Advantages & Benefits

Benefits For Service Technicians

  • Your End of Line “Open” test made simple and easy.
  • Your End of Line “Ground Fault” testing made simple and easy.
  • Your End of Line “Short” test made simple and easy.
  • Test Fix Temp Heats in just two seconds.
  • Unlike a jumper wire that can come off during your Isolator test, the E.V.S. stays in the short condition allowing you to test your isolator in seconds.
  • You can now do In-suite Isolator testing in seconds
  • Testing of Transponders, Annunciators, Networked Systems, Control Panels, all made easy.
  • With your multi meter you can also test for Voltage, Loop Resistance, OHMS, with our convenient voltage points.
  • E.V.S. can be utilized as a supervised by-pass.
  • Our convenient break-a-way sides make it easy to adjust the face plate size.

Benefits for Architects, Designers and Engineers

  • Help your customers stay ahead of curve by recommending the latest technology used to test Fire Alarm Systems.
  • Inform your clients how they can prevent damage to their building during their Annual Fire Alarm Inspection every year.
  • Help your clients save on future fire alarm testing and maintenance by installing Electronic Verifying Switches.

Benefits for Fire Departments & AHJ

  • Inspection Companies can easily test for you, an open, ground or short.
  • Inspection reports should have Less devices noted as NO ACCESS and skipped every 2nd year.
  • Now fire alarm technicians can easily show you a fault isolator test.
  • E.V.S. gives peace of mind knowing that all devices should be tested every year.

Benefits for Service Company’s

  • Show your customers how installing the E.V.S. will limit potential working at heights accidents.
  • The E.V.S. can speed up trouble shooting, thereby saving time and money on service calls.
  • E.V.S. typically takes as long to install as it does to test an EOL .
  • Technicians no longer have to waste time fixing broken wires or ground faults on devices during annual inspections.
  • No more customer complaints about wall damage or dirt on carpet from opening Devices for testing.
  • The E.V.S. is slightly larger than most EOL’s, so there should be no need to repaint after replacing an EOL .
  • Reduce the liability from technicians to your company.

Benefits for Building Owners

  • The E.V.S. is tested at UL/ULC for min of 6,000 operations.
  • The E.V.S. is slightly larger than most EOL’s, so there should be no need to touch up walls with paint.
  • The E.V.S. typically takes as long to install as it does to test an existing EOL.
  • Your in-house electricians can usually install the E.V.S., in just a few minutes.
  • Helps Technicians to speed up troubleshooting during service calls.
  • The E.V.S. cannot be accidently tripped by pedestrians/students as you need a testing key.


Be proactive, why wait for a workplace accident to happen.
No longer risk your Business and/or your workers safety.
When you can do the same fire alarm test RISK FREE.


✓ Personal Accountability

✓ Working at Heights

✓ Fall Arrest

✓ Areas requiring Spotter or Barricades

✓ Contamination

✓ Hazardous Work Areas

✓ Production Shutdowns

✓ Workers Compensation Claims

✓ Falsified Inspection Reports

✓ Lawsuits



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