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The Electronic Verifying Switch was created for saving time and generating more revenue. When installed and used, Inspection Companies will see a noticeable increase in their bottom line. When you take an Inspection and turn hours of work into minutes, you will put more profit into your pocket. EVS gets Fire Alarm Inspection done in far less time! You’ll be able to test every device quickly and correctly, allowing your staff to move onto the next building much, much quicker.
The EVS makes testing so simple and quick that there is no reason not to do the test. Every technician tests every manual pull station. Why? Because they are simple, easy, and quick to do. The EVS is as simple as turning a key to the right and then back to normal and the Inspection is done.

Advantages & Benefits

Benefits For Service Technicians

  • You can use the EVS to by-pass individual audible zones for areas of the building you are not inspecting. The panel will still show a trouble until the key is removed.
  • Use the Isolator EVS to by-pass or isolate the floor or an area via the short on the isolated side.
  • The key only comes out in the “N” position and when turned to short stays in short. Unlike a jumper wire that can come off.
  • In poorly lit locations little light is needed, as the key clicking informs you what operation you are in.
  • Provides easy access for testing, hard to reach Fire Alarm Devices.
  • Easy to confirm that the correct End-of-Line Resistor is installed via the resistor testing points.
  • “Ground Fault” testing made simple and easy.
  • “Open” test made simple and easy.
  • “Short” test made simple and easy.
  • Works as a convenient by-pass point for various Fire Alarm functions (i.e. Alarm, Trouble, Supervisory, Signals, Kitchen Systems etc.)
  • One test key is all you need, and it can be mounted onto a SOLO testing pole for high locations.
  • Dust / water caps can be used to protect the EVS during construction, also testing in wet or dusty locations.
  • Testing of Transponders, Annunciators, Networked Systems, Control Panels, all made easy.
  • With your multi meter you can also test for Voltage, Loop Resistance, OHMS
  • For tight junction box configurations, we have convenient break-a-way tabs to make the EVS smaller.
  • You can now do In-suite Isolator testing in seconds
  • Key allows for easy Field Isolator testing, as the key will stay in the position you want. So, you can walk away and test the field device without needing someone else to maintain the short while you test the device.
  • The EVS is slightly larger than most EOL’s so there should be no need to ask your customer to repaint after the upgrade is complete

Benefits for Architects, Designers and Engineers

  • Educate your clients on cost savings of future fire alarm maintenance and service calls, by installing Electronic Verifying Switches now.
  • Show your clients how to prevent damage to walls or getting dirt on floors during their Annual Fire Alarm Inspection every year.
  • Stay ahead of your competition by recommending the latest technology used to maintain and test Fire Alarm Systems. 

Benefits for Fire Departments & AHJ

  • • Save time commissioning new Fire Alarm Systems with the EVS
  • Inspection Companies can easily test for you, any Fire Alarm device.
  • Inspection Companies should no longer have to skip hard to access devices every 2nd year.
  • See how the EVS can test Isolators and Monitoring Modules in seconds.
  • Peace of mind knowing that all devices can be easily tested every year.

Benefits for Service Company’s

  • The EVS is tested at UL/ULC for 6,000 operations and is expected to do 300,000 operations.
  • Your sales team can show your customers where normal ware and tare is happening and show the benefit of installing the EVS.
  • You can show your customers how installing the EVS will save them and you on potential working at heights accidents.
  • Show your customers how the EVS can speed up trouble shooting, thereby potentially saving them money on service call costs.
  • Generate revenue easily by replacing or re-locating existing End of Lines that are deficient or require working at heights.
  • The EVS typically takes as long to install with an existing EOL backbox, as it does to test a normal EOL .
  • Where your fire panel has a 1 minute inhibit on it, you can sell the EVS to your customer, so you can silence the audibles instantly. keeping their customers happy.
  • Technicians no longer have to waste time fixing broken wires or grounds on End of Lines they just tested 20 minutes ago.
  • Electronic Verifying Switch has 5-year warranty when install and used correctly.
  • No more customer complaints about wall damage or dirt on carpet from opening End of Lines for testing.
  • The EVS is slightly larger than most EOL’s, so there should be no need to repaint after the upgrade is complete
  • Trouble shooting or have renovations in an area, use the Isolator EVS to by-pass or isolate the floor or an area via the “short” on the isolated side leaving the rest of the building in full operation.
  • Annual testing of Fire Alarm Systems made so easy that no device should be skipped or noted as no access ever again.
  • Take the liability off your company knowing your technicians tested the system correctly.
  • The EVS cannot be accidently tripped by pedestrians/students as you have to have the testing key. 

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