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Testing Method

The testing methods may vary slightly depending upon the manufacture. Devices will usually include a recommended test procedure that might differ slightly from what you read here.

NOTE: The manufacturer’s suggested/required test methods and code required testing should be used in EVERY case.


In all applications where you are using the EVS you must also follow the manufactures testing instructions for the equipment and any additional testing requirements your CODE may require.

The EVS is a UL & ULC listed device, some applications may require additional approval from AHJ. Existing codes were written with the technologies available at that time, they do not consider new and improved technologies. The AHJ is there to help all of us, improve fire protection. As in the Ontario Fire Code Part of the AHJ responsibilities are “to co-operate with any body or person interested in developing and promoting the principles and practices of fire protection services” and “to provide programs to improve practices relating to fire protection services.” All other Provinces or States most likely have a similar philosophy regarding improving fire protection.
The EVS is a vast improvement in various testing applications and as such we feel it is a better testing method than what is currently being done.

Fix Tempertature heats

Insuite Isolators

Monitoring modules

Isolators Testing

Testing time comparison

Typical EOL Test

Typical EOL Test  Time


Typical EVS EOL Test Time

Typical insuite Isolator Test

Typical insuite Isolator Test Time

Typical EVS insuite Isolator Test

Typical EVS insuite Isolator test Time

Typical Fix Temp Test

Typical Fix Temp test Time

Typical EVS Fix Temp Test

Typical EVS Fix Test Time

Typical MM Test

Typical MM Test Time

Typical EVS MM Test

Typical EVS MM Test Time

Typical SS Test

Typical SS Test Time

Typical EVS SS Test

Typical EVS SS Test Time

Typical Isolator Test

Typical Isolator Test Time

Typical EVS Isolator Test

Typical EVS Isolator Test Time

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